Hosting virtual office hours using Collaborate

To use BlackBoard Collaborate to host dedicated office hours in one class: 


  1. Go to and log into the course you want to have host the office hours. For hybrid office hours it may be best to use the course with the most students.  




  1. Click on the Collaborate Online Classroom link 



        If you do not have the Online Classroom link in your course add it by following the instructions found here: Collaborate Knowledge Base.  

  1. From the Collaborate Lobby Create a Session   


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  1. Name your session “Office Hours” in the settings pane and set the time and if the session will repeat. You can also add a description.  

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  1. Be sure to uncheck “Allow attendees to join the session using a telephone. (This does not prevent mobile wifi access through internet.) 


  1. Allow Guest Access – Save  


  1. Copy the Guest Link 


  1. Post the Guest Link in your other courses using a URL resource or a link in the description of a section. Those students will now have access to the office hour session in the host course.  *Only this session during the hours you have specified. 

  2. Students from the course ‘hosting’ the session can enter from the course page as they would the Course Room.    

  3. To handle multiple visitors to your office hour session, use a breakout room to visit with students one on one, using the main room as a waiting room, when desired.   Also consider using the Moodle Scheduler if you would rather schedule times to meet.  

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