Evergreen Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I requested computer equipment, why am I being asked to provide a budget account?

The Evergreen program operates within a set funding envelope, and on a set of core principles, one of which is setting a standard for what asset(s) each faculty and staff member receives. Any specifications or items over and above this standard must be funded through sources outside of the Evergreen program, usually a departmental or research budget. The asset will remain within the department for use by the position that requires it; if the supplementary assets are no longer needed by the department, they will be reclaimed for use elsewhere on campus and will be retired from use when the maximum lifespan has been reached. 

For example, an employee on a 2-year contract position requires a computer with extra RAM due to aspects of their work. The department will provide a budget account to cover the cost of the extra RAM, and IT Services will order and set up the computer. At the end of the 2-year employment term, the position is no longer required, so the computer is reclaimed for use elsewhere on campus.

Will my research computers be replaced every 5 years? Do I have to pay to replace my research computer every 5 years?

Research computers are not part of the technology evergreen program and will continue to be purchased through research funds. IT Services' role for research computers will also remain unchanged, and we will continue to assist in ordering, configuring, deploying, and supporting research computers wherever possible.

As part of the evergreen program, we don't require the replacement of research equipment every 5 years, but we do encourage anyone purchasing research equipment to develop a plan to periodically replace their research computers to ensure that the device is secure, supportable, and the equipment purchased is sustainable over the long term. In instances where a research computer's operating system or software is no longer supported with software and security updates, we will work with the owner of the device to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution, usually by purchasing an extended support license for the operating system to allow time to secure funds to replace it or to permanently unhook the device from the St FX network and use it for offline purposes only.

Who owns computer assets that are part of the evergreen program?

Assets covered by the Evergreen program are owned by the institution. IT Services administers and manages the technology evergreen program, which includes:

  • Maintaining a database of all computer assets across campus (including the make, model, and dates of acquisition and replacement)
  • Facilitating purchases through Procurement Services
  • Maintaining an inventory of assets to fulfill the requirements of the program
  • Maintaining service records for end-users and their assets

I have computer equipment that isn't meeting the needs of my job. What are the options?

One of the core principles of the Evergreen Program is to adhere to "one asset per person", to the extent possible. This keeps costs within the funding envelope, reduces resources to manage the program, and makes the end-user experience better as users aren't maintaining settings and data across multiple computers.  If aspects of your job have changed that require a new or different computer to fulfill these new requirements, you can apply to have it replaced with another asset that meets your needs at the following link: https://stfx.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1764/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=22311

Is IT Services taking away old computers?

Old computers beyond 5 years of age can represent a significant risk to the institution due to:

  • Operating systems and software that are no longer supported and have security vulnerabilities
  • Access to the network can act as a "jump-off" point for hackers to target other systems at work and at home
  • Accumulated private and sensitive information on the device

Therefore, to ensure faculty and staff have access to current technology and the systems and data of the network remain secure, devices beyond 5 years of age are retired from service, their data securely destroyed and the device is recycled or sold through a procurement process.

An employee has left a position, can I give the new incoming employee their old laptop?

No. As part of employee off-boarding, IT Services must reclaim assets in order to erase all data and reset the device to a baseline state. This ensures that sensitive and private data don't accumulate on devices unnecessarily, decreases clutter on the device, and increases performance.

Many staff and faculty have access to considerable amounts of private information including names, email addresses, student grades, ID numbers, dates of birth, etc. This data can accumulate on devices over time. If a device changes hands without being reset, the amount of sensitive data accumulated can be considerable, resulting in increased risk to the institution.

Technology provisioning is provided for new employees as part of the on-boarding process, so retaining an old employee's computer to provide to their successor is not necessary.

Why does my request for non-standard computer equipment require approval?

Requests for assets that are exceptions to the Evergreen program require approval in order to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the program. See "Exceptions" in the Technology Evergreening Practices document.

Do I get a mobile device as part of the Evergreen Program?

No. Mobile devices are requested on a per-case basis through the Mobile device request service.

I have a question about the Evergreen Program, who do I contact?

Please send your question to itservices@stfx.ca.

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