Backing Up Information Saved on Your Computer

Backing Up Your Data Onto OneDrive

Purpose: The purpose of this article is a guide on how to back up your data onto OneDrive. All St.FX email accounts have free access to OneDrive. We highly recommend using OneDrive for saving any of your important documents. 

Environment: The environment of this article is personal and institutionally owned devices that you need your data preserved on. OneDrive can be used in a browser version, from your Office365 account, or can be downloaded directly to your device desktop. OneDrive is equally as accessible on mobile devices and can be found on your mobile device app store as well. 

Getting Started

Backing up your data is something that should be done frequently. Before any major software updates, or computer maintenance it is a must to ensure nothing will be lost. 

To begin, once OneDrive is downloaded/opened, log in with your StFX WebFX credentials. 

If using Windows - 

1) Open your computer Settings. 

2) From there, select Update & Security.

3) Select Backup.

4) Under the first heading, "Backup files to OneDrive" select the blue Backup Files option. 

5) Select the folders you want backed up onto OneDrive (We recommend Desktop, Documents, Pictures, and anywhere else you save important information to.)

6) Select Start Backup.

One the backup is successfully completed, you will be able to access everything you backed up via your OneDrive account. 

If using MacOS -

1) After logging in with your StFX credentials, you will be prompted to set up your OneDrive preferences. 

2) Go through the "This is Your OneDrive Folder" set up process. 

3) The next page will be the "Sync Files from Your OneDrive" option. Here you will select all important areas you save your documents and information to. This includes Desktop, Documents, Pictures, and anywhere else you save your data. 

4) You then will select Next, followed by Open My OneDrive Folder to see your files sync. 

5) Your files are now synced. Though you can turn on an automatic sync option, it is important to manually sync or save your documents as a precaution when updating or having any work done to your device. 

Important Folders & Items to Backup

  1. Backing up My Documents - The default folder for anything saved on your device. Very important to backup.
  2. Backing up Pictures - Important as pictures save to their own folder and not documents. 
  3. Backing up Desktop - Important if that is where you normally save your documents. 
  4. Backing up Bookmarks - to backup your Browser bookmarks, open up a new tab and select Bookmarks from the task bar at the top. From there, select Bookmark Manager, and then Export Bookmarks. Here you will have an option to export your Bookmarks to OneDrive. 
  5. Remember to back up any other location or folder created where you have saved documents! 



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