Backing up your Moodle course

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Environment: StFX's Learning Management System Moodle. Available at

Purpose:  At the end of each semester, instructors should backup their Moodle courses onto OneDrive for safe keeping. 

1. Click the gear in the top right of your Moodle course and choose "Backup":

2. Check off what you would like to backup and then click "Jump to Final Step":

3. Your course may take a few minutes to backup depending on its size:

4. Once it has successfully been backedup, click "Continue":

5. Download this backedup file onto your computer and store it elsewhere (ie: OneDrive): 


6. Once you have downloaded the backedup file, click "Manage Backup Files":

7. Click on the backup file:

8. Choose "Delete". This will delete only the backup you created of your course, not the course itself:

9. Save changes. 


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