Connecting Gaming and Streaming Devices


Connect to WebFX wifi

IMPORTANT Ensure the device you are using to register your gaming or streaming device (not the gaming and streaming device) is connected to the WEBFX wifi

WebFX Wifi is the only wifi that will allow you to register a gaming or steaming device so you will need be connected when submitting your Mac Address request.

Get connected to WebFX wifi


Register on


1. Open a browser and go to

2. Log into the webpage with your STFX username and password (see format as shown below)

3. Click on Create Device 


4. After clicking Create you will see the screen shown below where you will enter what kind of device you are registering (IE Xbox or Playstation smart tv, etc) and then the mac address of the device itself and click on Create Device


5. Once you have clicked on the create device and see your mac address in list you are ready to connect your gaming or streaming device.


Connect you Gaming/Streaming or Other device

On your gaming or streaming device

Connect to the STFX-Guest Wifi.  

If you use another device to control a device you connected, ei if you have a chrome cast and use your phone to connect you will also need to register the device you are looking to use as the controls.  If adding an iphone you are looking for the wifi address under setting>general


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