Sharing videos from Office 365/OneDrive

Sharing a video with your class on Moodle is easy using OneDrive. 

1. Go to log into. Click on OneDrive.

2. Upload the file to your OneDrive account. You can upload files from your computer by clicking the upload button: 

3. Once the file is on OneDrive, you can share the file by clicking on the arrow as seen below: 

4. A window will pop open when you click the share button. When this occurs, click the red box outlined below: 


And change that option to:

Click "Apply"

5. Click "copy link":

6. Go to your Moodle page and turn editing on.


7. Click "Add a resource".

8. Scroll down and choose "URL". 

9. Add a name, and paste in the URL that was copied from OneDrive. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Save and Display". 


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