Test Correction Instructions For Professors


Instructions for Professors

  1. Please explain the “Student Instructions” before giving the test. 
  2. With a Test, an answer key or keys, if using versions, must be included with each set of cards.  Please mark the master cards with a following information.
    1. Professor’s Name
    2. Department Name, Course, and Section
    3. Date of the Quiz
    4. Version number if versions used indicted on each master
    5. Correct answers to all questions
  3. Submit a request on the IT Services website mystfx.ca/itservices/test by selecting the Test Submission button.  Please fill in all fields.
  4. Book an appointment for test drop off.  The link to book an appointment will be sent via email after your test submission request has been received. 
  5. Results will be emailed when test is completed and test returned via campus mail.

Click here to access the test correction service

Please advise your students to:

  1. Use a pencil
  2. Print their name and course number in the space provided
  3. Print the student ID along the side in the blocks and shade in the circles that correspond to the digits of the ID
  4. The version, if being used, must be completed or IT Services will be unable to score your test.
  5. Carefully mark the answers in by shading in the circles matching the question number.
  6. All circles should be clearly marked and mistakes fully erased when changed.

Multiple Scoring options


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