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If you have been noticing intermittent access to services or receiving errors about being locked out you are more then likely experiencing account locking.  Account locking will put your account into a suspended state which will prevent you from accessing services for period of 3 to 5minutes. 


When device, application or service attempts to login to your account using an invalid credentials 7 consecutive times the system will automatically suspend access to your account as it treats the incident as an attack.   After three minutes the account is automatically unlocked until the next 7 authentication failures.  This is where your intermittent access is originating.   These could be coming from a login on a device you use or it could be from anywhere in the world.    



Check your Devices to Ensure all passwords are up to date.

  1. On your mobile Devices
    1. Go to your wireless settings and Forget the network, then reconnect using the password
    2. If you have your stfx mail configured on a mail client ensure it is using the most recent password.
  2. On your computers system
    1. Disconnect and reconnect to wireless using the new password, if not prompted forget the network and reconnect.
    2. Open up your email Clients (outlook, macmail etc) and update your mail password
    3. Check for saved passwords, update any entries that are using your stfx username.  Microsoft Office Entries should be removed




  TIP: Unsure what devices are connecting to your Email, Microsoft 365 can help.

Microsoft 365 provides details on which devices are accessing your email.

  1. Log on to portal.office.com
  2. Click on the Outlook option
  3. In the upper right hand corner click on the cog wheel
  4. Under "Your app settings" near the bottom, select "Mail"
  5. Open the "general" tab and select "mobile devices"

This will allow you to see any devices that are connected to your stfx mail. 

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