Student Printing Setup - Windows


Connecting to the new Student Fleet of Printers on Windows Devices

This guide will walk through the steps for a computer to print to the Student Fleet of Printers located on campus.   Devices in the student fleet are labeled with a green "Hello my name is" tag.   Students, Faculty, Staff and operational accounts can use this guide.

 To use campus printing you will must be connected to the WebFX wireless network or using an Ethernet connection on campus.


Opening the Print Queue

  1. Click on the Start button and type \\xprinters
  2. Press Enter.
    • When prompted webfx\<your username> example webfx\itservices
    • Password: your stfx password
    • Check off remember my credentials
  3. A window with the xprinters print queue will appear.

Installing the Driver

Secured queue-printing: Unsecured direct-printing:
Secured Printing sends your job to a virtual queue.  To release your job you walk up to one of the 20 Student Printers on campus, authenticate and select the job you wish to print.   When you choose unsecured printing your job will immediately be sent to the printer.
  1. Right click on the printer called Print-Stu
  2. Select Connect
    • You will be prompted to install a driver for your desired printer.
    • Click Install driver.
    • Once the driver is installed, the window will close. You are now setup to print to the queue.
  1. Right click on any other printer in the list, and click Connect.
  2. The same process will occur as above, but the selected printer will be set up for direct printing.
  3. You can right click and connect to as many printers in this list as you want.

Printing to the xprinters

When printing to the Konica printers, the process is the same as any personal printer:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Print
  3. Select the xprinters-Stu for secured printing or the name of the printer you want to direct-print to.

Checking Printer Properties

  1. Click on Printer Properties
    • In this window, verify that the print settings are correct. These settings are defaulted to double sided black and white.
  2. Click on My Tab.
    • Verify Print Type is set to 2-Sided (or desired setting)
    • Verify Select Color is set to Gray Scale (Scroll down)
    • Click OK

* Note: The descriptions for color preferences are as follows:

  1. Click on My Tab.
    • Verify Print Type is set to 2-Sided (or desired setting)
    • Verify Select Color is set to Auto Color. (Scroll down)
      • Auto Color: Charges account accordingly to color pages printed and black and white for pages with no color.
      • 2 Color: Every page is charged the Color rate regardless if only black and white document. ( We DO NOT recommend this setting )
      • Gray Scale: Prints black and white regardless if color is present. This is the recommended setting.
    • Click OK
    • Click Print

You can now log into any of the units around campus and print your print job.

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