Connecting to a Network Drive



Stfx offers network storage for all accounts.    Some departments have access to a shared department drive.  There are two main storage locations;  Juno, which houses department shares as well as personal network storage (H:) and Alonzo, which houses personal Web space (W:)


Mapping Instructions




 Personal Network Storage (H: Drive) Path

  Windows \\juno\<username>$

  Mac Path smb://juno/<username>$

Where <username> is your own StFX username

Department Share Paths

  Windows \\juno\depts$\<deptname>

  Mac smb://juno/depts$/<deptname>

Where <deptname> is the department share name provided. Capitalization and space sensitive

Mapping Personal Web Storage W: Drive

  Windows  \\alonso\<username>$

  Mac Path smb://alonso/<username>$

Where <username> is your own StFX username

Files save to this location will automatically be published online


Off Campus Connection

StFX account holders can connect to network drive from any off campus location with an Internet connection by connecting to the VPN before accessing their drives. 


VPN Connection


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