Creating categories to keep your questions organized

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Check out this video:

1. Navigate to the course that you would like to add a quiz to. 

2. Under Edit Settings, click More: 

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Question Bank, choose Categories:

4. Go to the Add a Category dropdown. The parent category is your course. Name your category under "Name". You can also add a description under "Category info". Click "Add category". Add as many categories as necessary:

5. Your categories will appear in a list under categories for your course. The number in brackets next to the category signifies how many questions are in the category:

6. You can now also add "Sub-Categories" to your "Categories". This is done in the same way as adding categories EXCEPT that under "Parent Category" you assign this new sub-category to "Category 1":

7. Now the sub-category will be added under "Category 1". 

NOTE: that both Category 1 and subcategory example have 0 questions in this example. 

8. Now you are ready to add questions to those categories. Click here. 


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