Manually enroll a large group of users

Please note: This process requires you to use Microsoft Excel. Please have the list of students you would like to bulk enrol saved as an Excel like like below: 

1. Navigate to in your web browser.

2. Select the course you would like to edit.

3. Click Participants from the left side of the course page: 


4. Select "Bulk enrolments":

5. Go to your class list in Excel and save it as a .CSV

6. Go back to Moodle and upload this file to the bulk enrolment page:

7. Once the .CSV is uploaded, change the role to assign to "Student" and make sure that the first column contains "email"

Optional: if you would like groups to be created, you must choose Yes to "Create groups if needed" and your .CSV file must have a groups column: 

8. Scroll down and click "Enrol them to my course".

9. Once all students have been enrolled, you will receive an email. Then, click "continue".



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