Setting up Respondus Lockdown Browser for a class

Please note that:

Go to Respondus Best Practices for a complete list of best practices. 

1. Respondus does not work on Chromebooks

2. Troubleshooting may be necessary for Macbooks

3. If writing in class, always have paper copies available

4. Please be aware that students writing off campus may have limited Internet. 

5. Ensure that Moodle quizzes are one page per question. 

6. In Moodle Quiz setup ensure that there is a time limit set to the quiz. 

7. Students should be encourage to connect to their modems with a cable (as opposed to using wifi) to support internet stability.

8. It is recommended that the Moodle window for the exam be larger than the time limit set for the exam.

Part 1: Add the Respondus Lockdown Browser block to your class

1. Turn editing on. 

2. Along the right menu (you might have to click the arrow on the right to open it), click Add a Block. 

3. A list of possible blocks will appear. Scroll down and choose Respondus Lockdown Browser: 

4. The block will appear along the right menu. You may have to scroll down to see the block:



5. You have now added the Respondus Lockdown Browser to your class. Only you, as the instructor or professor can access this block. 

Part 2: Locking down a quiz/test/midterm/exam

1. Create a quiz for your class. Instructions can be found here. 

2. Ensure editing is turned on. Click Dashboard under the Respondus Lockdown Browser block:

3. A welcome page may appear. Skip this page. All of the quizzes that you have created for your class will appear: 

4. Choose the dropdown arrow and choose Settings:

5. Check off the boxes outlined in red then Save + Close:

6. When you go back to the course, you will see that Lockdown browser is required for the students to complete the quiz/test/midterm/exam:

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