Nvivo unable to import or open files LibreOffice error message following Big Sur upgrade

1. Restart

Restart your computer and ensure that Nvivo is not running after restart

Install LibreOffice


Once download has completed double click the file to open.

IMPORTANT Do NOT drag the LibreOffice.app icon into the applications folder as indicated in the screen shot that appears as you normally would do when installing an application.  Instead Right Click on the LibrarOffice.app icon and select Copy LibreOffice.app


Right-click ontheFindericon in the Dock and select New Finder Window

From the Finder’s navigation pane select Applications

In the application list displayed, right-click on NVivo.appand select Show Package Contents

Double click on the Contents folder then find and click on Resources

From the finder toolbar paste the item you previously copied in the Resources folder

After selecting Paste you will be prompted to Keep Both Stop or Replace, choose Replace

Your computer password will be required following clicking replace.

Once the replace has been completed you can launch Nvivo again.


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Thu 1/14/21 8:42 AM
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