Contacting students using Quickmail


The Quickmail block allows instructors and TAs (and students, if the instructor allows) to send emails to course members from Moodle. Instructors who use Moodle may find Quickmail to be a convenient alternative in setting up a Class Email List and using Outlook or relying on the old messenger in the Participants area.  

Note: Emails sent from Quickmail are always sent immediately and are sent separately from other Moodle email notifications. Messages from Quickmail are not affected by course members' individual Profile settings for receiving emails as daily digests.  

Add the Quickmail Block 


1. Toggle Editing On: 

Screenshot of Moodle edit button


2. Open the block drawer: 

Moodle Screenshot of drawer button.

3. In the right-hand menu select the "Add a block":                                                    

Screenshot of the add a block button


4. Choose Quickmail from the list of Block options:                                                            


NOTE: You may already have Quickmail added to your course. If this is the case, then Quickmail will not appear in the list of Block options and you can skip this step. 

5. The Quickmail block will appear on the right-hand side of your course:                             

6. You may need to expand the blocks using the blue arrow on the right:                                 



Send a Message Using Quickmail

By default, Quickmail is available only to instructors and TAs. (Instructors can configure Quickmail to allow student use.) 

To send an email message using Quickmail:

  1. In the Quickmail block, click Compose New Email:                                                       



  1. The Quickmail Email page will open. Choose who to send the message to:                     

  1. Type in an individual student, select multiple students or use a filter "All in Course" or "Students".                       


  1. Exclude as needed:                                                                                                            


  1. Add subject and content:                                                                                               



  1. Choose whether you want to add a signature.   Choose if you want the message to go to their email or just to messenger in Moodle. Choose whether to delay the send. Choose if you want to receive a send report:                                                                                


  1. Send your message or Save a Draft:                                               


To confirm the message has been sent, in the Quickmail block, click View Sent Messages. Moodle will take you to your View History page showing Quickmail messages sent from this course.) 


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