Using a Foritnet Hardware Token for Multi-Factor Authentication


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FortiNet Hardware Token

Obtaining Your Hardware Token

To request a Hardware Token, you can access the form here:

If you are unable to pick up your hardware token from the IT Services Helpdesk, please select the shipping option on the request form


Hardware Token Set Up

Once you have received your Hardware Token, you will be able to use that code in your Office 365 Authentication Set Up. 

To begin:

1. Go to

2. Select the last options "Update Information".

3. Find "Security Info" and then select "Update Info".   Your token will already be in your list.

4.  Locate the your default method heading, if it is currently set to something other than the hardware token choose change and select the token from the list.

When accessing security information you will be prompted to authenticate using your token or with a previously configured MFA method (phone, text or app).  If a phone call has been configured as your method and is not accessible, click the authenticate a different way and choose the Hardware token.

Using your Hardware Token

Microsoft 365 Services:

After your account has been MFA-enabled, you will occasionally be prompted on your device (e.g. laptop, mobile phone) to enter a code that is displayed on your hardware token before you can connect to Microsoft 365 services like email, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, etc.   When connected to the campus network, you will not be required to MFA to Microsoft 365 services.


With MFA for VPN, you will be prompted, every time you connect to VPN, to enter a code that is displayed on the hardware token.


On your Computer or mobile device, At the Microsoft login enter your credentials as you normally would, then you will be prompted with a screen to input your code.  

On your token hit the wake up button to reveal your 6 digit code

Enter the code displayed on the Token in the Code field to continue access to the requested system.




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If you don’t have a mobile device or are unable to use one for MFA, using a hardware token would be an alternative. A hardware token is a small device that displays the 6-digit codes for logging into MFA.