Multi-Factor Authentication ensures user identity using something you know, your password and something you have, a mobile device or hardware token.

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Pinned Article Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) FAQ

What you need to know about Multi-Factor Authentication. Commonly answered questions and answers.

Pinned Article Multi-Factor Authentication Methods

An explanation of the different authentication methods that can be used for Multi-Factor Authentication

Changing your Default Microsoft 365 MFA Method

If you would like to change your default sign in method for your Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor account, this is the Knowledgebase for you.

Issues with Apple Mail App after Multi-Factor Authentication set up

This article guides user to the recovery of their StFX email account on iOS devices.

Moving Phones With Multi-Factor Authentication

If you have a new phone, you will need to configure it to work with Multi-Factor authentication.

Supported and Unsupported Multi Factor Authentication Applications

List of apps that support Multi Factor Authentication and which ones require an app password.

Using a Foritnet Hardware Token for Multi-Factor Authentication

Information on using a hardware token for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Using a Low Vision/Sales Force Hardware Token

Instructions for setup and use of a low vision/hardware token assigned by IT Services.