Setting up EMS FortiClient VPN for Windows

Installing EMS FortiClient VPN:


1. Download FortiClient for Windows 

2. Once completed, open the setup file

3. You may receive the following Windows Defender warning:


If so, click “More info” and then “Run anyway”.

4.  FortiClient Setup Wizard will appear. For this you must check “Yes, I have read and accept the License Agreement”, and then click Next

5. Then click “Upgrade” to begin

6.  You will receive this message warning that once complete the upgrade will reboot your system


7. Click “Finish” and the process is complete  




Using FortiClient VPN

1. To use FortiClient VPN on your device after download, select the new VPN Icon from your desktop  

and connect to VPN NameStFX” using your StFX username/password

2.  Or, from the taskbar  right click  and select “Connect to StFX”  

3. Again, you will log in here with your StFX credentials. 

4. After selecting "Connect" you will be connected to the VPN  

5. To disconnect the VPN at any time, from the taskbar right click and select "Disconnect from StFX" or double click the desktop icon and select  



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