Using a Low Vision/Sales Force Hardware Token

Yubi Key Setup for Multi-Factor Authorization

Getting Started with your Yubi Key

Yubi Key Activation for Azure/Office 365

Individuals can self-register/register their assigned Yubi Keys for Azure/Office 365 Authentication.

Browse to your My Account page and sign-in.


Steps For Set-up

 Click Security Info.

Click + Add Method.  

My Sign-Ins v R Overview Security info Organizations g Devices Security info These are the methods you use to sign into your account or reset your password. Default sign-in method: Microsoft Authenticator - notification Change + Add method

Select Security Device from the drop down menu and click Add

Add a method n7±töcS you 'ike to s"? Security key Cancel

Click Next, to set up the security Key

Security key To set up a security key, you need to sign in with two-factor authentication. Cancel

Choose the USB Device option.

Security key Choose the type of security key that you have. USB device RI NFC device Cancel

Have your key ready & inserted and then choose Next

Security key Have your key ready. When you choose Next, you will be prompted to plug your security key into the USB port. Then, touch the button or the sensor on your security key to finish setting up your device. For more detailed instructions, visit your key manufacturer's website. Back

Windows will prompt to sign-in in order to begin the Security Key Setup, click OK

Click OK to continue setup.

Windows Security Continue setup This will let see the make and model of your security key wants to create a credential on your security key. This lets you sign in without having to type your username. Note: A record of your visit to this site will be kept on your security key.

Create & enter a PIN for the Security Key, then select OK

Windows Security Continue setup Please enter your security key PIN. ecurity Key PIN

Enter a descriptive name for the Security Key, then click Next

Security key Name your security key. This will help distinguish it from other keys. YubiKeyl Cancel

Click Done to complete the process.


When performing MFA for Azure/O365, you can click Use a different method and select the Security Key. You'll be prompted for to enter the PIN and then to touch the YubiKey for 3 seconds. 


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