Keeping your Mobile Device Up to Date

Updating your Mobile Device

Purpose: The purpose of this Knowledge Base Article is to help guide in the software updating processes received on Mobile Devices. Keeping your Mobile Devices up to date is important for optimal performance of the device, as well as security updates. 

Environment: This is a general article for most mobile devices (Apple, Android)

Important Things to Know Before Getting Started: To successfully complete the update, it may require your device to have a certain amount of battery (or be plugged in). You will also need to be connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi. 

Updating your Apple iPhone

To update your software on an Apple Device:

Find & select the Settings app ► then select General.

From General, select Software Update ► Download & Install

For a more detailed Apple Device approach, select here:

Updating your Android Device

To update your software on an Android Device:

Find & select the Settings app ► then select Software Update. 

After selecting Software Update, it will guide you through the rest.


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