Using OneDrive in MyLabApps

Log in to MyLabApps

Go to and log in using your StFX username (full email address) and password.

Locate the Windows Desktop Icon


Log in to the Windows Desktop using your StFX username (e.g. and password.

Establish your OneDrive Connection

IMPORTANT: A OneDrive folder will display in remote desktop that may not be synchronized to your account.  To ensure your oneDrive is syncing you must follow the steps below before opening or saving files from your OneDrive.

Down by your the remote desktop windows time look for the onedrive  icon.  If you don't see the onedrive icon, click the  to see if there is one there.

System Tray onedrive icon with red x

If there is no OneDrive icon in the system tray, double click the OneDrive icon which is located on the desktop.

OneDrive desktop Icon 


If you click the OneDrive folder and nothing happens you will need to sign in on the system Tray.


Click the cloud icon on your system tray (in the lower right corner by the time) if the cloud icon is not displayed click the to expand the selection.

Accessing Applications

All Lab Applications are located in the desktop folder "Azure Lab Applications".


Accessing or Saving files to OneDrive

From within programs you can now navigate to your OneDrive folders to access or save files. 

windows exlporer window hightlighting onedrive -St Francis Xaiver University



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