MyLabApps - Virtual Lab Applications

What is this Service

StFX University students and faculty now have access to MyLabApps, a suite of software applications necessary to support teaching and learning.. This service provides secure remote access to specialized application software traditionally used in on-campus computer labs.    A list of application software available in the MyLabApps portal is below.  StFX faculty and students can access these applications from on or off-campus, from any computer running a web browser, including Chromebooks.    

List of Software Available in

If your software is not listed it may be available to download to your own device:   Lab Applications downloads

Why is it useful

With the removal of shared computers on campus due to COVID-19,  MyLabApps provides access to lab applications on personal devices, from on or off campus. 

How to access this Service

Click on the following link to access the Azure portal:  MyLabApps

Login using your StFX credentials. 


Who can Access this Service

  • Faculty
  • Students



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