MyLabApps - Virtual Lab Applications

What is this Service

StFX University students and faculty now have access to MyLabApps, a suite of software applications necessary to support teaching and learning.. This service provides secure remote access to specialized application software traditionally used in on-campus computer labs.    A list of application software available in the MyLabApps portal is below.  StFX faculty and students can access these applications from on or off-campus, from any computer running a web browser, including Chromebooks.     

The following lab applications will be available in MyLabApps September 2021:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Now is the time to renew academic applications for the Fall term.  Complete the App usage survey to ensure the software required for your course is continued for the next term.    

  • Accelrys Draw
  • Anaconda 3
  • BlueJ v501
  • Chem Sketch 12
  • CodeBlocks v20.03
  • Excel
  • Gaussian09
  • Gnuplot
  • Hplcsimulator
  • Iclicker v5.1.3
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition v2021.1.2
  • Interactive Physics
  • Jamovi
  • JES v5.02
  • Maple 2021
  • Matlab R2019
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management
  • Nvivo 12
  • Oracle SQL Plus
  • Pycharm 2020.2
  • Read and Write Gold
  • R-Studio v1.4
  • R-Project v4.1
  • SAP v7.6
  • Sniffy the Virtual Rat
  • SPSS v27
  • Stata v9
  • Stella v9.13

If the application you need is not listed you may need to download and install it on your computer to meet course requirements.  Go to the following page to see a list of these applications and download links :   Lab Applications downloads

Why is it useful

With the removal of shared computers on campus due to COVID-19,  MyLabApps provides access to lab applications on personal devices, from on or off campus. 

How to access this Service

Click on the following link to access the Azure portal:  MyLabApps

Login using your StFX credentials. 


Who can Access this Service

  • Faculty
  • Students




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