Transitioning from Operational accounts


Many modern organizations have begun to transition away from using shared accounts.  Shared accounts create various cybersecurity risks, increase overall costs of software licensing, and may result in inefficient use of technologies.  StFX is working to reduce the usage of existing shared accounts to more efficient and secure collaboration solutions. 


Those using an operational account for business practices will begin to transition away from

What Is Changing?

Note: IT Services will work with account owners when there are solutions available for them to begin the transition.


Usage Description Transitioned To
Email and calendaring Accounts are being used for email or calendar functions.  Operational accounts have a separate password and which leads to unknown access to the account Microsoft 365 makes converting the mailbox of an account to a Shared Mailbox a seamless experience, all email, and calendar entries are transferred automatically  Access is granted to other stuff accounts using mailbox permissions.
File Storage Accounts using their onedrive, network files shares H or W to house shared files or data

Preferred Method: Create a Microsoft Teams site and use the central storage files area to create a file storage solution for your team or project group.

Other Method: Network or Department Share

mapping network drives

Printing The account was created so printing could be charged to a project or a different budget than the stfx account owner's main department.

Personalized accounts can now able to select multiple accounts to allocate printing changes to request this service - Printing to Multiple accounts.

Wifi Access Stfx employees use this account for accessing wifi StFX employees and students will use their own accounts to authenticate to wifi
Guest Wifi Access used to allow non-StFX member Guests access ** Guest wifi solution to be announced
Used by Persons without a stfx account Use cases for this are to manage an operational email Personalized affiliate accounts should be requested for those needing access to a generic email and the accounts converted to shared mailboxes and rights granted to the affiliate account.

What Can I Do To Prepare?

Begin to transition away from using file storage on generic accounts and moving data to central storage like teams or network drives.

Questions or Concerns?

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