SPSS Installation

  1. SPSS is licensed for Staff and Faculty use only
  2. Wireless connections must be logged in using a staff or faculty account to access Caesar
  3. SPSS is used for academic purposed only.  


On campus or connected to VPN off campus

If you require SPSS for non-commercial academic research, you can download it from the Caesar apps network drive (S Drive) by mapping the following folder:

  Windows:      \\caesar\apps\Application Installs  ( Help with Mapping)

  macOS:         smb://caesar/apps/Application Installs (  Help with Mapping on a Mac)

For help with mapping you can reference our mapping network drives Knowledge Base Article.

Once you download SPSS, you'll need to follow this guide:

Both operating systems will require the Authorization linked below to validate the application.  Authorization keys are renewed on an annual basis.

Authorization Key 


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