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50GB of email storage

 Exchange Server

 Message size restrictions 150Mb


The Basics

Through Office 365, all faculty, staff, and students are given a StFX email address. This is your StFX username followed by "". There are two ways to access your mail: using a local client, or access Outlook Online. The following section will help highlight these differences.

Click here to access our step-by-step guides for connecting your email account to your device.


Local Client vs Outlook Online

A local client refers to an email application that is installed on a computer, that is given login information in order to view emails quick and easy. To access your emails via this method, you first need to set up the client with the proper StFX email settings (guides for this can be viewed by clicking here). Afterwards, the client can be launched by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.

For Windows computers, the most used application is Outlook 2016, and is included in the free Office 2016 suite that comes with your Office 365 account.

For Mac computers, the most used application is the default one called "Mail" (once called "Mac Mail"). Alternatively, Outlook 2016 for Mac is included in the free Office 2016 for Mac suite that comes with your Office 365 account.


Outlook Online is one of Office 365's online applications, that require no installation as it is only a website. It is essentially a stripped-down version of Outlook 2016 that runs in the browser, and can be accessed from any computer that has an internet connection. This replaces the now-extinct "Webmail".

To access Outlook Online, visit the Office 365 homepage, log in with your full email address and password, and click the Mail tile.


We recommend that you use a local client as it offers complete functionality and supports multiple accounts.



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