Backing up your data when leaving StFX

After leaving the university you will no longer have access to your StFX account including;  StFX faculty accounts remain active for web access for 5 year following retirement.

  • Home Directory (H:\),
  • Web Directory (W:\),
  • E-mail, StFX
  • OneDrive,
  • Office 365 access (software and groups and teams) will be removed.
  • Group or Teams
  • Qualtrics Survey Data


Backing up Personal data on your H: or W: drive

Connect to your personal drives, H:drive and W:drive.   Save required data to either an location accessible to your colleagues such department share or Office 365 Team or group site. Personal data should be saved to a portable storage solution or personal file storage. 


Connecting to Network Drives

Off Campus - VPN Access

Network shares can be accessed off line by connecting to the VPN.  The VPN Client creates a bridge to the StFX network using your existing Internet connection.  Once VPN connection has been established you will be able to map your network drvies as above.

Connecting to VPN


One Drive Data

OneDrive Data can be downloaded to a personal storage solution, network share or moved to an office 365 group.

Download a file or folder from One drive

  1. Log into your StFX One Drive account at
  2. Select the folders and files you wish to download
  3. Select Download from the top menu

 Having Trouble? View Microsoft's Support Document

Move a file or folder to a Microsoft Group or Team

  1. Browse to the file or folder that you want to move.

  2. Pick the item you want to move by selecting the check box in the upper-right corner of the item. You can also pick multiple items to move them together.

  3. Tap or click Move to, select the destination folder, and then tap or click Move.

  4. Choose the group or team site you wish to relocate the files to.


 Having Trouble? View Microsoft's Support Document


Email Data

When an Outlook app - such as Outlook 2016 - is installed on your computer, you can use it to move email, contacts, and calendar items from one email account to another.  You export items by creating a .pst file, which is an Outlook Data File that contains your messages and other Outlook items and is saved on your computer.

Complete Instructions from Microsoft's Support Centre


Manage Group or Team owner status

By default, the person who created the group is the group owner. Often a group will have multiple owners for backup support or other reasons. Members can be promoted to owner status and owners can be demoted to member status.`

Update Teams Member Status

Office Software

After leaving university you are no longer eligible for Office 365 software.  Personal Office 365 subscriptions can be purchased to ensure access to Office applications continue.  Your current version of office will need to be removed from your device and reinstalled.

Microsoft does offer a discounted version for recent graduates with a discount of 50% for the first year of subscription.

More info on Microsoft’s Graduation Offer:


Learn how to migrate your files and settings to Office 365 Personal.

View the migration guide for: Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 7 | Mac 

Your StFX data will not automatically be transferred to your new account, this will need to be done manually.

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