Employee Leaving or Retiring - Closing a StFX account

What is this service?

Used by departments to report an employee departing StFX. Closing the accounts of former employees is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a secure and well-managed IT environment, safeguarding both the company's assets and data, and ensuring efficient software license management.  Submitting an account closure ticket will generate a checklist of system account access to revoke and close out the former employee's account.

Why is it useful?

In addition to the importance of closing accounts of former employees for software licenses and security, it's also crucial for directory and communication updating:

1. Directory Accuracy: Keeping department directories up-to-date is essential for internal and external communication and collaboration. Closing accounts of former employees ensures that the company's directory accurately reflects the current roster, making it easier for colleagues to find and contact the right individuals within the organization. Outdated directories with inactive employee accounts can lead to misdirected communications and delays in information sharing. By promptly removing former employees from directories, you enhance the efficiency of internal communication, ensuring that messages and requests reach the appropriate recipients.An accurate and up-to-date directory conveys a professional image to clients, partners, and other external stakeholders. It shows that the organization is well-organized and values the accuracy of its contact information, contributing to a positive impression in business relationships.

2. Data Security and Access Control: Open accounts of former employees pose a significant security risk. Unattended accounts can be targets for unauthorized access, potentially resulting in data breaches, intellectual property theft, or other security incidents. Closing these accounts minimizes these risks and helps protect sensitive company information.  Keeping former employees' accounts active can lead to unintended access to sensitive systems and data. Closing these accounts ensures that only authorized personnel can access critical company resources, reducing the potential for internal security threats.

3. Software Licenses Costs: When an employee departs, they no longer require access to company software and applications. By closing their accounts promptly, the organization can can have an accurate count on active employees, which optimizes software costs and ensures efficient resource allocation.

4. Data Privacy and Contract Compliance: Maintaining accurate directories is also important for data privacy and compliance. It helps in controlling access to sensitive employee information and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to directory details, thereby enhancing data protection and compliance with privacy regulations.  Adhering to account retention policies that align with our current union contracts is important for departed employees to ensure meeting auditor requirements. Proper account closure demonstrates the organization's commitment to regulatory compliance and facilitates audit trails, making it easier to track who had access to what resources at any given time

How do I request this service?

Click the "Request Service" button to the right and submit the form.  Employee Leaving forms can be filled out in advance to employees leaving and actioned on the date of exit.  Presently accounts for leaving or retiring staff are following their last day of work, AUT members have email access for 90 days, and retired AUT maintain access to online MS resources for 5 years following retirement.

Who can access this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
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