Banner Self-Service, MyData, & MesAMIS Access

As of November 30 2020, student mesAMIS will be permanently retired and no longer used. Read more about this change here.

Step 1: Connect to the Portal

To Access MesAMIS Reports(Staff & Faculty), MyData(Students) and Banner Self-Service:

  1. Open an internet browser (please not Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for accessing MesAMIS and Banner)
  2. Go to
  3. Login with your StFX Credentials ie jdoe or x2020abc (same as moodle, office 356)

Step 2: Select the System & Login

Staff & Faculty Portal Student Portal

Faculty MesAMIS & Banner Self-Service

  • Use Faculty ID (ie FA2019123) and 6 digit Pin

Staff MesAMIS

  • Stfx Username (ie jdoe) and 6 digit mesAMIS pin,


Staff do not user Banner Self-Service Access instructions for Banner Admin Pages can be found here


Students Banner Self Service

Use Student ID number (ie 202001234) & 6 digit Pin


  • stfx username (ie x2020abc) and stfx password. 
  • Click on the Home folder to view your reports

Same information used to access

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