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With your StFX account, you are entitled to download Microsoft Office applications on your personal devices.

Resources on accessing the Microsoft Azure lab application portal and downloading lab software

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) that gives both students and their professors an online platform to post assignments, download relevant coursework, have class discussions, and much more.

Request applications, or version upgrades used for academic teaching and learning to be installed on mylabapps on classroom computers, or available for which are not available in the MyLabApps and applications that available for faculty and students to download their personal devices as required for courses.

SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) computer program that runs on Windows.

Teamviewer is used by IT Service for sharing screens during support calls.

LabScribe3 is a powerful recording and analysis software package developed by iWorx.

Maple is a mathematical computing environment, which is used in mathematics and science courses as an interactive way to solve complex problems.

An affiliate account is requested for individuals whom are not currently on payroll but are associated with the university through project, volunteer, or other circumstances. An affiliate is a personalized account with a single owner but requires a current staff or faculty member to sponsor the account.

Request access to use BitTorrent traffic on the campus network.

Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides global, remote, and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. You can utilize cool features like document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat,

SPSS is a software package used for logical batched and non-batched statistical analysis

Read&Write literacy software makes the web and documents more accessible for students, and employees with dyslexia and reading difficulties.

A variety of file storage, sharing, and remote access options are available at StFX for departmental, personal and web storage. For all storage types, backup and recovery services are available.

Email at StFX is provided to students, faculty, and staff by Office365.