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Services or Offerings?
Faculty can request software, or version upgrades for academic teaching and learning to be installed on mylabapps remote desktop environment for student access.

Each May Affiliate and Generic/Operational Accounts are reviewed for continuation.

Used by StFX Staf and Faculty to request an update to directory information such as name and username changes and titles and location.

Access and buy additional DCB or meal plans.

This form allows a student to update their mailing address.

An affiliate account is requested for individuals whom are not currently on payroll but are associated with the university through project, volunteer, or other circumstances. An affiliate is a personalized account with a single owner but requires a current staff or faculty member to sponsor the account.

Begin a grade appeal process.

Submit a request for appealing an academic penalty.

Apply for an extra course.

Students may submit a request for a course override if they receive a registration error and feel they have valid reasons to be granted an exception to be permitted to register in a section.

This form allows a student to request a change to the program that they are currently enrolled in.

Banner provides a variety of functions for administration.

Request Banner Pages Admin Access

Access your grades, weekly schedule, perform registration, and many other functions.

Students and Faculty use Banner Self Service for course registration, grade entry, and access personal information and forms.