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Report an issue with classroom technology.

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) that gives both students and their professors an online platform to post assignments, download relevant coursework, have class discussions, and much more.

mesAMIS provides students with links to general academic information as well as access to personal academic information, on-line forms, and web registration. MesAMIS for staff and faculty allows access to job specific reporting.

Support for laptops, desktops, peripherals, and associated software.

Email at StFX is provided to students, faculty, and staff by Office365.

StFX's encrypted wireless network available campus-wide.

Request an update to directory information such as your location and name.

Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone. Stfx has partnered with Beauceron to provide staff and faculty resources and training for cyber security awareness.

Requests for Bulk Email sent to Faculty & Staff or Students.

Add meetings, appointments, and other events to your calendar, and track and share with others.

Getting suspicious emails from other StFX accounts or seeing unknown activity in your own account? IT Services can help.

Request loaner equipment on short-term basis for stfx functions or academic purposes

Support for issues encountered in computer labs.

StFX's Technology Consulting division provides virus and spam protection for stfx owned devices.

IT Services provides support for custom-written applications used at St FX.