Employee Role Change

What is this service?

Role change forms provide IT Services with the information required to complete account access changes, directory information to assist in a role change by the employee.  Role change forms should be completed by the new department's admin or manager.  

Why is it useful?

The role change service serves as a one stop shop to ensure many aspects of the account are updated for access, billing and proper contact information.

How do I request this service?

Click the "Request Service" button to the right and submit the form.  

If Banner changes and/or access to Student Data is required through MesAMIS the request will need to be approved by a Banner Administrator. Submission of the form will automatically generate an approval request to appropriate Banner Admin.  Once approval has been received by IT Services, Banner and MesAMIS changes will be processed.  

Who can access this service

  • Faculty
  • Staff


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