Student StFX Account

What is this service?

A Student StFX account is a uniquiely named username compromised of the letter x, the year you entered StFX and finally three unique letters at the end, eg x2020abc.  Your StFX username also constructs your email address eg,

•1GB Personal Network Storage (H:)
•1GBPersonal Web Storage W:
•Exchange (email) 50GB
•1TB Cloud Storage with OneDrive

Why is it useful?

Student StFX accounts are required for accessing technology services, such as:

•Campus Wireless
•WebFX Computers
•Network Drives
•Campus Printing
•Secured internal websites
•Off Campus VPN
•Lime Survey
•Office 365

How do I request this service?

Student accounts are created automatically once the student's Banner record lists them eligble for registring for course in a current or upcoming term.  Student account information is mailed to a student's home address before commencing a course.

Who can access this service

  • Students
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