Application for Override

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What is this service?

Students may submit a request for a course override if they receive a registration error and feel they have valid reasons to be granted an exception to be permitted to register in a section.

Types of registration errors:

  • Closed section: This section has reached its capacity. An override will not be approved if another section fits your schedule.
  • Pre-requisite or course restriction: Refer to the Registration Errors section at to determine the reason for the registration error.
  • Co-requisite: Another CRN is required. Attempt to register again with the section and lab CRNs.

Why is it useful?

Students may request an override for a course after registration has opened. Requests sent prior to registration will not be processed.

How do I access this service?

Click "Apply for an Override" on the right, login to the secure portal, click "myData", and then select "Application for an Override".

Who can access this service?

  • Students
Apply for an Override


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