Registrar's Office

Appeals, applications, letters of permission, and withdraw requests.

Services (14)

Additional DCB

Access and buy additional DCB or meal plans.

Address Change Request

This form allows a student to update their mailing address.

Appeal a Grade

Begin a grade appeal process.

Appeal an Academic Penalty

Submit a request for appealing an academic penalty.

Application for Override

Students may submit a request for a course override if they receive a registration error and feel they have valid reasons to be granted an exception to be permitted to register in a section.

Application to Change Programs

This form allows a student to request a change to the program that they are currently enrolled in.

Banner Self Service (Timetable, Grades, etc)

Access your grades, weekly schedule, perform registration, and many other functions.

Change of Name

This allows a student to have their student record updated with a chosen first name and to use this name on their student ID card, StFX email address, and for residence.

Letter of Permission to Take Courses at Another University

If you wish to take a course at another institution, for transfer back to your StFX degree, you MUST obtain written permission PRIOR to taking the course.

Official Confirmation of Enrolment Request

A letter of confirmation of enrolment may be used for financial institutions, health insurance plans, employers and some scholarships. The confirmation of enrolment letter includes - full name, date of birth, full-time or part-time status, current degree program, and the start and end dates of the current academic year.
If you prefer to have your chosen first name that is listed in Banner, included in the letter instead of your full legal name, please indicate this in the comment field.

Official Post Graduation Work Permit Letter

An official post graduation work permit letter is one of the supporting documents that are required for a post graduation work permit application.

Report Request

Use this service to request a report that is missing from your report menu.

Student Withdraw Request

This service allows students to withdraw entirely from St FX. If you wish to change your program but remain at St FX please submit the change of program request.