What is this service?

Staff and Faculty X-Reports can be found at https://data.stfx.ca/reports/report/Menu/Menu

X-Reports gives faculty and staff reports to fulfill various business processes and needs across campus. 

Why is it useful?

If you need support for an issue, require a change to an existing report, or would like a new report, use this service to make a request.

How do I access this service?

Click "Request Support" to the right.

Who can access this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
Request Support

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At 9:00AM on May 10th, 2021, faculty reports in mesAMIS will be permanently retired and their functionality transitioned to other systems. A complete listing of reports that will be retired and where they will be transitioned to is available below.
Instructions for a accessing Legacy MesAMIS Reports and Reports on the Extended Menu.


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