Printing at StFX

The Basics

StFX provides students, faculty, and staff with sixty-five enterprise-class multifunction devices. Students have access to twenty student-specific printers, faculty and staff have access to all.

All units contain a color-coded name tag that indicates the name of the printer, as well as the fleet associated with it.

 Students can print to units with green labels,

  Faculty and staff can print to Orange labeled & Green labeled devices.

Besides university owned machines Students, faculty and staff can also print to these units from their personal devices.

Connect to Campus Printers


Secured vs Unsecured

There are two types of printing that can be done on campus; secured printing that sends documents to a password-protected queue, or unsecured printing that are sent directly to a unit and printed on the spot.

Secured Queue-printing: Secured printing allows you to print to a virtual queue allowing you access to the unit of your choosing to release your print job. Printing in this fashion provides additional security as your print job is only released when you log in to a unit.

Unsecured Direct-printing: Unsecured printing will directly print to the unit you have selected on your computer. This fashion of printing will immediately release your print job to the unit without requiring a second login on the device.


Printing Charges

For students, printing charges are billed monthly directly to their student account.

  Black and White Colour
Cost per Page $ 0.10 $ 0.23

For faculty and staff, the departments are billed monthly.

 Check Print History

Printer Locations

Student Printer Locations

Staff Printer Locations

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StFX provides student access to a fleet of twenty-one enterprise-class multi-function devices located in key areas on campus These units provide print, scan and copy services. Students can connect to the devices using their own computers, or through StFX deployed stations.