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Your StFX Accounts

Understanding your accounts can be confusing.  At StFX you have two sets of credentials, your id and pin and your stfx username and password.  These are two seperate accounts and are not interchangeable.

Your Student ID and PIN

Your 10 digit Student ID and 6 digit Pin allow you to access  Banner Self Service, where you register and view marks and myData, where you can access student info such as class schedules.    Both of these systems are protected through Portal requires you to login using your stfx username credentials below so both sets of credentials are required for access.  Think of Banner and myData as houses in a gated community, your id and pin are the house keys, but to get into the community you need access to the gate, which is and this uses your stfx username and password.

How to Access MesAMIS and Banner

Your Stfx Username (webfx id) and password

Your stfx username, often refered as webfx Id, will be in ther format of x2020abc.   Your username is also your stfx email,   This account is your single point of entry for stfx technology services such as;

If you do not know your stfx password, or wish to change your password to be easily remembered, head over to our MyPassword Service.


Technology Recommendations

Due to Covid 19 there will not be general access computer labs on campus.  It's imperative that you have your own device if you need to access stfx services and lab applications.   Two most popular options for students are Windows or Mac, ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Some students like the connectivity MacBooks offer with their iPhones/iPads/iPods. While others like the familiarity of a Windows laptop. Both systems easily connect to WiFi, the on-campus printers, classroom technology and more. We do not recommend Chromebooks to students. While they are usable on our systems, they will not directly connect to the printers and any printing must be done via Web-Based Printing. There are also some classroom based applications that do not run as smoothly on Chromebooks.

Personal Laptop Requirements

Software Downloads


Internet Connection

Stfx offers campus wide wireless connections as well as ethernet connection in residence rooms.  If you are living in residence it's recommended to bring an ethernet (network) cable and any dongles you may need for connection.

Wifi Connections  
WebFX (recommended) Eduroam

The WebFX wireless is available all over campus and is our recommended wireless for your devices.  Log in credentials are you stfx username and password.

Connection Instructions


Eduroam is wifi available at many educational insititutions world wide.  Any where you see eduroam wifi you can connect using your stfx credentials. Often used for visitors to connect to stfx wifi.  You can connect to eduroam wifi on campus but not all services such are printing are accessible through this wifi.

Connection Instructions

Gaming and Streaming Devices

If your gaming or streaming device has an ethernet port connecting to the ethernet network is the fastest and most reliable connection method.  All residence rooms will have one active jack.  Some rooms have multiple you so you may need to look around for the active one.  If your device does not have an ethernet port and will not connect to the webfx wifi you can register your gaming or streaming device, you will need your devices MAC address to compete this form.


StFX has 21 Student Multifunction Printers across campus.  These devices are identified with a green name tag.   Student printing costs are billed monthy to your student account.  Costs are $0.10 page black, and $0.24 color.

Student Printer Locations

 Setup Printing on your device

Check your printing charges


Living in Residence?  If you are bringing your own printer ensure it can be connected via a cable.   Wireless printers are not permitted on our residence wifi,  they cause traffic jams and reduce the network quality for those around you.


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