Phone Call Method for Mypassword and/or Multi-Factor Authentication

StFX recommends the authenticator app as the security method to get back into your account if ever locked out.   The authenticator app does not rely on SMS for code authentication  so is a good option for those who travel frequently without SMS coverage. SMS or Text Message can be used when a data connections is not present. 

Accessing your Security Info

  1. Go to and choose Update Information
  2. Log in using your stfx email

Set up

On your Computer

  1. Click on the Add Method

  2. Choose Phone or Alternative Phone if you have already added a phone number from the drop down option

  3. Click Add

  4. Update the Country  and input your number

  5. Choose Call me

  6. Press Next

Verify your Sign in

On your Phone

  1. Microsoft Verification sign in will now call the number you are looking to add
  2. Press # when prompted

Input Code

On your computer

Once the number is verified your screen will confirm the number has been successfully added. 


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