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Pinned Article Microsoft 365 (M365) Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

Instructions on how to setup Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication methods. StFX accounts will be prompted for Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication off campus when accessing email, office applications, including onedrive.

FortiToken Authenticator Configuration for Microsoft 365 MFA

FortiToken Authenticator set up for Microsoft 365 MFA. Add your Microsoft 365 MFA into your FortiToken authenticator applicaiton if your preference is to use just a single authenticator application.

Managing Security information for MyPassword and Microsoft 365 MFA

In the case of a forgotten password or compromised account it is important to have external contact methods that can be used to restore your account.

Microsoft Authenticator App Setup

Add Microsoft Authenticator as back up security feature of your account

Microsoft Authenticator Application M365 MFA Setup

Enroll in Multi factor Authentication for your stfx account.

Phone Call Method for Mypassword and/or Multi-Factor Authentication

Setting up phone number for Microsoft Verification for password recovery and Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

SMS, Text Message, for Mypassword and Microsoft 365 MFA

Set up SMS for password recovery or Multi-Factor authentication.

VPN MFA FortiToken Authenticator App Configuration

Setup instructions for FortiToken to use with StFX VPN for Multi Factor Authentication