Microsoft 365 (M365) Multi-Factor Authentication Setup


Having multiple authentication methods configured for your Microsoft 365 access is essential to prevent access loss.  Microsoft 365 will allow for multiple options to be configured and you can choose which method is your default.  We recommend using the Microsoft authenticator and SMS for those with mobile devices, if no mobile device can be used a hardware token can be requested (stfx members only).

When will I need to use Microsoft MFA

Microsoft MFA will prompt when trying to access any Microsoft office services, such as you email, office apps.  It will also prompt for services that use the Microsoft Authentication to connect such as TeamDyanmix (Our Ticketing System) Qualtrics, MyLabApps and Drupal website editing.  Staff and Faculty will be exempt from MFA verification while on campus, with the exception of myLabApps.  External users will also need to configure MFA when accessing files shared from a stfx hosted site.

Step 1: Updating your information

  1. Go to and select Update Information
  2. Log in using your stfx email address and password

Step 2: Choosing the right method of authentication

The most popular method for Multi-Factor Authentication is using an Authenticator App.  If you have a mobile device we recommend setting up the following methods 

  • Authenticator App - Code & Notification Setup
  • SMS  (Text message sent to your mobile device)
  • Phone (Microsoft will Call during the setup, the call recipient will need to press # to verify)

If you have a mobile device we recommend configuring the Microsoft Authenticator application.  Other authenticator applications can also be configured for your Microsoft 365 MFA options if you have an authenticator app you are presently using.

If you do not have a mobile device to use for authentication you can request a hardware token.   Hardware token users are still strongly suggested to set up a phone method, such as their home number as a backup method.

Step 3. Setting up Microsoft authentication methods

Microsoft Authenticator App Setup (Recommended) - Does not require data

SMS (Text Message) - Requires Data or Wifi Connection

Phone Call - Requires access to phone being called

External email is an option for configuration BUT  Microsoft will only allow this method to be used for password recovery.   External email is not considered secure for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Video Demo

Do I need a Hardware Token?

Hardware tokens can be requested if there is no mobile device that can be used.    Hardware tokens can be requested through our Hardware Token Request form.

Where ever possible, hardware token users are encouraged to configure a phone number as a backup method.

Having Trouble?

If you are experiencing trouble setting up your MFA you can request support through our live chat.  Visit our main page, and use the chat function in the lower right corner.


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