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New faculty, staff, or grad students Onboarding. StFX account request, printing, telecom, mesAMIS, Banner Forms, as well as request StFX deployed Technology

StFX provides faculty and staff access to a fleet of sixty-six enterprise-class multifunction devices located in key areas on campus. Faculty and staff can print directly to a device (unsecured printing) or can print to a Virtual Queue (PrintFX) and release their jobs at the nearest device.

Staff and Faculty MesAMIS access to a job specific reports.

X-Reports gives faculty and staff reports to fulfill various business processes and needs across campus.

Requests for Bulk Email sent to Faculty & Staff or Students.

Allows access to job-specific reporting for faculty and staff.

Email at StFX is provided to students, faculty, and staff by Office365.

Staff and Faculty can request a temporary account for up to 90 days to facilitate network access for an external parties that are on campus for academic or administrative purposes.

Staff and Faculty whom are members of multiple departments who wish to allocate printing charges can use this service.

IT Services provides support for the systems and software (ID Works) used by various departments across campus to produce ID cards for students, staff, and conference attendees.

Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone. Stfx has partnered with Beauceron to provide staff and faculty resources and training for cyber security awareness.

Faculty and Staff may request changes to security and network access in order to fulfill unique requirements.

An affiliate account is requested for individuals whom are not currently on payroll but are associated with the university through project, volunteer, or other circumstances. An affiliate is a personalized account with a single owner but requires a current staff or faculty member to sponsor the account.

Eduroam is a wireless service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their own home institution’s credentials to access wireless network services when visiting any other Eduroam affiliated institutions (over 70 worldwide).

To determine the eligibility of systems for the St.FX computer hardware evergreen program. The evergreen program provides a computer for each faculty and staff where required; this service is to accommodate other use cases such as shared workstations or 'service' computers in common areas. This service is used to request approval to move existing systems to the evergreen program or to request that new systems be added