VPN - Virtual Private Network

What is this service?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a method used to access sensitive information on campus and remotely connect to the StFX network via a secure connection, allowing access to network drives and internal-only applications and services while off-campus. StFX uses the FortiClient.

VPN requires Multi-Factor-Authentication.  This is separate from what us currently used for your StFX Microsoft account the methods supported are FortiToken App (Mobile Device) and a hardware token issues by IT Services. 


Why is it useful?

VPN allows users from off-campus to connect, via a secure & encrypted connection, and to access internal-only services and applications.

On Campus Off Campus
  • Banner Admin Pages
  • Access to Department and personal network drives (Juno & Alonso)
  • Access to Smart Filter and Cognos Reports
  • Department software applications such as Kx
    • Access to Campus Printing
  • SMS software
  • Budget Information, Cognos, OneSolution
KX Access  

How do I access this service?

VPN access requires FortiClient Multi-factor Authentication configured.  This is not the same MFA you use to access your Microsoft account and email .VPN Access can be requested by submitting using the "Request VPN Support Button".

1. Configure VPN MFA

If you are software token user (using a mobile device)

1. Following your VPN Access request submission you will receive an email with an access code and QR code to configure your MFA.  This email is only valid for 7 days and must be requested again from IT Services after it expires.  MFA Setup Instructions

If you are a hardware token user (do not have a mobile device or wish not to use it) there are no further steps required for MFA when promoted for a a code you will use the one displayed on your hardware token.

2. Download the latest FortiClient version available on our website. 

In the Related documents to the right you will find a link to setup documentation.   You will be prompted to login using your stfx credentials. 

Connection guides can only be accessed with a stfx log in.  You will need to sign in the upper right corner to see these guides.

Who can access this service?

  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Staff
VPN Setup

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VPN Setup
1st time user of StFX VPN, start here to get configured.