Support for PC and Mac computers and any other hardware owned by StFX.
Lab support.

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PC, Mac & Peripheral Support

Support for laptops, desktops, peripherals, and associated software.

Classroom Technology Orientation

Request an orientation session to familiarize or refresh your knowledge of technology in the classroom.

Computer Lab Support

Support for issues encountered in computer labs.

Computer Virus Support

StFX's Technology Consulting division provides virus and spam protection for stfx owned devices.

Department Inventory Sale

IT Services carries a small inventory of items such as adapters, hubs, and cables for department to purchase.

Digital Signage Hardware Support

Support for digital signage hardware (display, computer, mount, connections). Digital Signage software support is provided by the software vendor.

Digital Signage Install & Setup

Request the installation and setup of a new digital signage location for your department.

Evergreen Assessment

To determine the eligibility of systems for the St.FX computer hardware evergreen program. The evergreen program provides a computer for each faculty and staff where required; this service is to accommodate other use cases such as shared workstations or 'service' computers in common areas. This service is used to request approval to move existing systems to the evergreen program or to request that new systems be added

Windows 7 Computer

Report a Windows 7 computer on campus. After January 14, 2020, Windows 7 computers are no longer supported on campus and must be upgraded or replaced.

Classroom Support/Enhancement

Used for classroom support and equipment enhancements.