Popular Services

Each May Affiliate and Generic/Operational Accounts are reviewed for continuation.

X-Reports gives faculty and staff reports to fulfill various business processes and needs across campus.

A letter of confirmation of enrollment may be used for financial institutions, health insurance plans, employers and some scholarships. The confirmation of enrollment letter includes - full name, date of birth, full-time or part-time status, current degree program, and the start and end dates of the current academic year.

VPN is used to connect to Banner Admin Pages on and off campus and for off campus connection to network drives and Smart Filter Financial reports.

New faculty, staff, or grad students Onboarding. StFX account request, printing, telecom, mesAMIS, Banner Forms, as well as request StFX deployed Technology

If you wish to take a course at another institution, for transfer back to your StFX degree, you MUST obtain written permission PRIOR to taking the course.

Begin a grade appeal process.

Submit a request for appealing an academic penalty.

An official post graduation work permit letter is one of the supporting documents that are required for a post graduation work permit application.

Need additional help or to request something you cannot find in the service catalog? Use this form to submit a ticket and someone will address it.

Allows access to job-specific reporting for faculty and staff.

Email at StFX is provided to students, faculty, and staff by Office365.

This form allows a student to update their mailing address.

Blackboard Transact is used primarily in Residence and food services for DCB.

Request a mobile device after receiving appropriate approvals per the Wireless Communications Device Policy.

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) that gives both students and their professors an online platform to post assignments, download relevant coursework, have class discussions, and much more.

This form allows a student to request a change to the program that they are currently enrolled in.

Resources on accessing the Microsoft Azure lab application portal and downloading lab software

StFX provides student access to a fleet of twenty-one enterprise-class multi-function devices located in key areas on campus These units provide print, scan and copy services. Students can connect to the devices using their own computers, or through StFX deployed stations.

StFX leverages multi factor authentication for Office 365 Services and VPN to protect personal data and University data.

Access book lists, exam schedules, financial account activity & balance, and other student information.

Faculty can request software, or version upgrades for academic teaching and learning to be installed on mylabapps remote desktop environment for student access.

Used by StFX Staff and Faculty to request an update to directory information such as name and username changes and titles and location.

Request to have Alteration or Renovation to your stfx space.

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based subscription which provides users with plenty of features, such as access to both local and online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook.