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Request a generic (operational) account. A generic (operational) is a StFX account that is not uniquely named as an individual user but as a general department, group or service. It might be used by a number of individuals who share the same role, manage the same email intake or to access services.

Report an issue with a service such as slowness, inability to connect or login.

Add your gaming console, such as an XBox, Playstation, or WiiU, to the wireless network.

With your StFX account, you are entitled to download Microsoft Office applications on your personal devices.

IT Services carries a small inventory of items such as adapters, hubs and cables for department to purchase.

Need additional help or to request something you cannot find in the service catalog? Use this form to submit a ticket and someone will address it.

Report an IT-related issue encountered as part of an office move resulting from new construction or renovations.

Self-Service password reset tool available 24-7

Requests for Bulk Email sent to Faculty & Staff or Students.

Request a new application install on lab computers.

Request usage of a * SSL certificate, or request a consult on purchasing your own.

mesAMIS provides students with links to general academic information as well as access to personal academic information, on-line forms, and web registration. MesAMIS for staff and faculty allows access to job specific reporting.

If you have software you would like to integrate into your department, this service will initiate the process of adoption

Maple is a mathematical computing environment, which is used in mathematics and science courses as an interactive way to solve complex problems.

When off-the-shelf software doesn't exist, it is sometimes necessary to create custom-fit software.

Email at StFX is provided to students, faculty, and staff by Office365.

Eduroam is a wireless service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their own home institution’s credentials to access wireless network services when visiting any other Eduroam affiliated institutions (over 70 worldwide).

Add meetings, appointments, and other events to your calendar, and track and share with others.

A shared mailbox makes it easy for a group of people to monitor and send email from a public email alias like

Request an update to directory information such as your location and name.

StFX provides student access to a fleet of twenty-one enterprise-class multi-function devices located in key areas on campus These units provide print, scan and copy services. Students can connect to the devices using their own computers, or by through lab systems.

Getting suspicious emails from other StFX accounts or seeing unknown activity in your own account? IT Services can help.

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based subscription which provides users with plenty of features, such as access to both local and online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook.

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) that gives both students and their professors an online platform to post assignments, download relevant coursework, have class discussions, and much more.

Portal software is used for accessing mesAMIS and Banner Self-Service