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Account Review - Operational and Affiliate

Each May Affiliate and Generic/Operational Accounts are reviewed for continuation.

Account Updates

Request an update to directory information such as your location and name.

Affiliate Account Request

An affiliate account is requested for individuals whom are not currently on payroll but are associated with the university through project, volunteer, or other circumstances. An affiliate is a personalized account with a single owner but requires a current staff or faculty member to sponsor the account.

Alumni Email Forwarding Service

Alumni offer recent grads the ability to keep their stfx affiliation and set up an email alias to external account.


Banner Admin Pages (Banner Forms)

Banner provides a variety of functions for administration.

Banner Admin Pages Account Request (Banner Forms)

Request Banner Pages Admin Access

Banner Self Service

Students and Faculty use Banner Self Service for course registration, grade entry, and access personal information and forms.

Beauceron Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone. Stfx has partnered with Beauceron to provide staff and faculty resources and training for cyber security awareness.

BitTorrent Access

Request access to use BitTorrent traffic on the campus network.

Blackboad Transact

Blackboard Transact is used primarily in Residence and food services for DCB.

BlackBoard Transact Account Request

This service is for requesting an account to administer and use Blackboard Transact.

Bulk Email

Requests for Bulk Email sent to Faculty & Staff or Students.



Add meetings, appointments, and other events to your calendar, and track and share with others.

Classroom Emergency

Report an issue with classroom technology.

Classroom Support/Enhancement

Used for classroom support and equipment enhancements.

Classroom Technology Orientation

Request an orientation session to familiarize or refresh your knowledge of technology in the classroom.

Compromised Account

Getting suspicious emails from other StFX accounts or seeing unknown activity in your own account? IT Services can help.

Computer Equipment Loan Request

Request loaner equipment on short-term basis for stfx functions or academic purposes

Computer Lab Support

Support for issues encountered in computer labs.

Computer Virus Support

StFX's Technology Consulting division provides virus and spam protection for stfx owned devices.

Custom Applications Support

IT Services provides support for custom-written applications used at St FX.


Data and Analytics

Business Intelligence and canned reports to provide historical, current, and predictive views of data to support fact based decision making.

Data Recovery - Network Drives

Recover lost or deleted data stored on local StFX drives.

Department Inventory Sale

IT Services carries a small inventory of items such as adapters, hubs, and cables for department to purchase.

Desktop Software Support

Assistance with installing, removing, or changing software on your St FX computer.

Digital Signage Hardware Support

Support for digital signage hardware (display, computer, mount, connections). Digital Signage software support is provided by the software vendor.

Digital Signage Install & Setup

Request the installation and setup of a new digital signage location for your department.

Drupal Department Website

IT Services creates and maintains websites for all departments at a St. FX.


Employee Leaving or Retiring

Used to ensure account access is set properly leading up to and following an employee leaving the university.

Employee Role Change

Used to assist employee transition to an new role, update directory information and account access.


Faculty & Staff Account Creation

New faculty, staff, or grad students Onboarding. StFX account request, printing, telecom, mesAMIS, Banner Forms, as well as request StFX deployed Technology

Faculty Zoom Account Request

Service to request a faculty Zoom account for online course delivery.


FluidReview is a cloud based service used to manage scholarships during the admissions process.


General Inquiry

Do you have a general question for IT? Use this service to submit your inquiry.

Generic (Operational) Account

Request a generic (operational) account. A generic (operational) is a StFX account that is not uniquely named as an individual user but as a general department, group or service. It might be used by a number of individuals who share the same role, manage the same email intake or to access services.


ID Card Production Support

IT Services provides support for the systems and software (ID Works) used by various departments across campus to produce ID cards for students, staff, and conference attendees.


KX Account Request

KX is used on campus for room scheduling and event planning. Residence rooms assignments, class Scheduling and event bookings are all organized through KX.

KX Application Support

KX proviedes several applications for Residence Services and Conference & Event support.


Lab and Classroom Application Request

Request a new application to be installed on stfx lab and classroom computers.


LabScribe3 is a powerful recording and analysis software package developed by iWorx.

Locked Account

Intermittent access to accounts and seeing messages about account being locked or invalid password when password is correct.

Lyris ListServe Manager

On Premise email distribution list software.



Maple is a mathematical computing environment, which is used in mathematics and science courses as an interactive way to solve complex problems.


mesAMIS provides students with links to general academic information as well as access to personal academic information, on-line forms, and web registration. MesAMIS for staff and faculty allows access to job specific reporting.

MesAMIS Account Request

Staff and Faculty MesAMIS access to a job specific reports.

MesAMIS Change

Used internally to submit changes on mesAMIS reports or access.

MesAMIS Report Data Request

Request report MesAMIS report data.

Microsoft Office Suite

With your StFX account, you are entitled to download Microsoft Office applications on your personal devices.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is included with StFX's Office 365 subscription. It is a video service that allows you to upload, view, and share videos with others at StFX. You can share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides global, remote, and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. You can utilize cool features like document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat,

Mobile Phone Support (STFX Corporate Plan)

Request support for your stfx owned mobile device for travel packages, billing, hardware and software.


Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) that gives both students and their professors an online platform to post assignments, download relevant coursework, have class discussions, and much more.


Need Help? Contact Support

Need additional help or to request something you cannot find in the service catalog? Use this form to submit a ticket and someone will address it.

Network Access Control Change

Faculty and Staff may request changes to security and network access in order to fulfill unique requirements.

Network and Cloud File Storage

A variety of file storage, sharing, and remote access options are available at StFX for departmental, personal and web storage. For all storage types, backup and recovery services are available.

Network Server Support

Support of Network Servers and Services.

New Software Adoption

If you have software you would like to integrate into your department, this service will initiate the process of adoption

Not for TD

Used to classify emails that are not intended to be tickets.


NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. It’s designed to help you organize, analyze and find insights in unstructured, or qualitative data like: interviews, open-ended survey responses, articles, social media and web content.


Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based subscription which provides users with plenty of features, such as access to both local and online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook.

Office Move

Moving offices? Notify IT Service for phone relocations, and directory updates and hardware assistance.

Office Online

Office Online is a light, online version of Microsoft's Office 2016 suite including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

On Campus Remote Desktop Request

Used for requests for access to remote desktop into a system across multiple buildings on campus.


Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a cloud based file storage and collaboration application that is offered as one of Office 365's services.

Other Account Password Reset

Voicemail password resets, Blackboard Passwords, MesAMIS and Banner PIN Reset or recovery. Reset the password for an account the uses credentials other then your StfX username and password (webfx).


Password Reset

Self-Service password reset tool available 24-7

PC, Mac & Peripheral Support

Support for laptops, desktops, peripherals, and associated software.

Personal Computer Recommendations

Coming to StfX and are unsure what type of computer system is required. Here are our guidelines.

Portal software is used for accessing mesAMIS and Banner Self-Service

Print Refund

Request a credit for a printer mishap. Accidental printing is not refunded.

Printing - Faculty and Staff Printing

StFX provides faculty and staff access to a fleet of sixty-six enterprise-class multifunction devices located in key areas on campus. Faculty and staff can print directly to a device (unsecured printing) or can print to a Virtual Queue (PrintFX) and release their jobs at the nearest device.

Printing - Student Printing

StFX provides student access to a fleet of twenty-one enterprise-class multi-function devices located in key areas on campus These units provide print, scan and copy services. Students can connect to the devices using their own computers, or through StFX deployed stations.

Printing Statement

StFX accounts can easily check printing usages and charges using the papercut client.

Printing to Multiple Department Accounts

Staff and Faculty whom are members of multiple departments who wish to allocate printing charges can use this service.


Qualtrics Account Request

Request an account to use Qualtrics survey software.


Read & Write Gold

Read&Write literacy software makes the web and documents more accessible for children, students, and employees with dyslexia and reading difficulties.


RefWorks is an online research management and bibliography creator service.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection allows users to have access to another computer from a remote location.

Remote Support Agent Teamviewer

Teamviewer is used by IT Service for sharing screens during support calls.

Report a Construction/ Renovation Move Issue

Report an IT-related issue encountered as part of an office move resulting from new construction or renovations.

Report Service Disruption

Report an issue with a service such as slowness, inability to connect or login.

Residence Network Support

Report connection issues with your Wireless or Ethernet connection in residence.

Residence Phones

Phone information for residences on campus



This service links to the Salesforce support portal. St FX subscribes to SalesForce's Premier Success Plan support offering, giving us access to some of the support and training resources the application has to offer.

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox makes it easy for a group of people to monitor and send email from a public email alias like

Shared Mailbox Permissions

Are you the owner of a shared mailbox and would like to grant rights to another stfx user to monitor the account? Use this service to request permission changes.


SharePoint is a web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a service provided to students, faculty, and staff by an Office 365 subscription. Similar to Skype, it is used for messaging and teleconferencing.


SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) computer program that runs on Windows.

Spam and Phishing Protection

Spam and Phishing are common method used by third parties to promote products or obtain personal information. More about spam protection through StFX systems

Specialized Software Security and Privacy Assessment

Request IT Services to preform a security and privacy assessment for specialized software needed for course delivery or support.


SPSS is a software package used for logical batched and non-batched statistical analysis

SSL Certificate Request

Request usage of a * SSL certificate, or request a consult on purchasing your own.

StFX Email

Email at StFX is provided to students, faculty, and staff by Office365.

Student StFX Account

Student Account access is based on Banner status. All active students are eligible to have a StFX account.

Systems Analysis

Get help studying a procedure or business processes in order to identify its goals and purposes and create systems and procedures that will achieve them in an efficient way

Systems Integration Support

Support for integrations and interfaces (also known as "syncs" or "synchronizations") that connect one or more systems together.


Telephone Support - Academic and Administrative

Telephone support for the campus telephone system

Temporary Account Request

Staff and Faculty can request a temporary account for up to 90 days to facilitate network access for an external parties that are on campus for academic or administrative purposes.

Test Correction

Electronic marking for quizzes, midterms, and/or exams.

Test Correction OMR Card Purchase

Request OMR Test Correction Forms. Cards are sold in packages of 250 for $15 charge.

TrendMicro OfficeScan Antivirus

TrendMicro OfficeScan is a subscription based antivirus software for Windows computers. StFX owns the licenses for faculty owned machines.


University Tickets

University Tickets is the software used for managing ticket sales


Video Surveillance Access

Request access to Security Cameras on campus

Virutal Private Network (VPN) - Off Campus Connection

Securely connect to on-campus services while off campus and abroad.


Anyone with a StFX telephone system can have a voicemail box attached to their extension for voice messages.

Voicemail Password Reset

Forgotten your voicemail password? Request a reset though IT Services


Web Based Printing

Use Stfx's web based printing to print from phone or tablets.

WiFi - Conference Guest

This wireless network gives WiFi access to registered guests on campus.

Wifi - Eduroam

Eduroam is a wireless service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their own home institution’s credentials to access wireless network services when visiting any other Eduroam affiliated institutions (over 70 worldwide).

WiFi - WebFX

StFX's encrypted wireless network available campus-wide.

Windows 7 Computer

Report a Windows 7 computer on campus. After January 14, 2020, Windows 7 computers are no longer supported on campus and must be upgraded or replaced.

Wired Network

StFX offers ethernet connection for academic and residential buildings across campus.

Wireless Gaming & Streaming Device Registration

Add your gaming console, such as an XBox, Playstation, or WiiU, to the wireless network.


Zoom Account Request

Service to request a new Zoom account.